What is the office disinfection service? An office is an essential place in an organization that offers critical services to other staff. Employees meet and make queries in the office, and therefore thorough cleaning and disinfection are vital. Our offices tell a lot about us. A dirty office gives a wrong impression of the occupants. Infections can spread from the office to the other departments very fast through stationery and other office amenities.

Infections in an organization translate to low productivity as a result of workers’ absenteeism on sick leaves. The office needs a perfect cleaning and disinfection program to curb the spread of infections in an organization. Besides controlling diseases, office disinfection is a way of adhering to health and safety guidelines and standards.

One common thing with almost all offices is that they are custodians of very crucial documents. An advocate’s office holds client files that you do not want other staff to access. An accounting office contains employees’ confidential records; you do not want anyone to gain access or misplace the files. For these reasons, office cleaning and disinfection require experts. It is vital to bear the following in mind before commencing disinfection service.

  • Health and safety standards recommend using disposable gloves and masks while disinfecting and adequately disposing of them after work.
  • Disinfection is effective on clean surfaces, and cleaning should precede disinfecting.
  • Never at any time, mix disinfectants to achieve better results.
  • Only use approved disinfectants to avoid other side effects that can arise from the process.

An office disinfection service should focus on the following areas to curb bacterial and viral infections.

Doorknobs disinfection
Doorknobs disinfection


Your office door is one place you can contract a lot of germs. Count the times you touch the doorknob and multiply by the number of visitors to the office. Chances are very high that your staff can transmit infections through handling doorknobs. Make sure staff avoid touching them or provide sanitized towels for handling them.


Focus on disinfecting faucet handles because staff handles them more often when they visit the loo or handle other dirt. Your disinfection service can provide sanitized towels for handling the faucets.


Office staff and other visitors to the office usually share staplers and tape dispensers. The stated stationery requires disinfection on the sides, top, and bottom, or place sanitizers close to them for use after handling.

Disinfecting keyboards in office
Disinfecting keyboards in office


Most office staff carry snacks and then handle their keyboards. Snack crumbs that fall between key spaces can be a den of germs. Infections may arise from handling dirty keyboards. An office disinfection service should focus on blow drying the keyboard to remove the crumbs. Sanitizer wipes are perfect for disinfecting the keyboards that do not have painted letters.


Disinfecting mouse in office
Disinfecting mouse in office

Another office item that gets as many touches as the keyboard is the mouse. A sanitizer wipe or clothe is handy enough to disinfect the mouse.


Phones can be infectious in several ways without you realizing it. Many offices share one office or two office phones. People spit as they talk through the phone. When different people use the same phone, they may end up spreading infections to one another. Disinfecting the phone headset and other parts is crucial for curbing the spread of germs.


Chair disinfection
Chair disinfection

Office chairs have handles which we like handling when we are relaxing. A disinfection service should plan to sanitize the chairs using antibacterial agents and wipes.

The following tips will help you when choosing an office disinfection service or when you do it yourself.


Wipe your office surfaces from one direction to the other without pulling back your wiping materials on the same service.


Washing your hands frequently
Washing your hands frequently

Display hand washing signs at the office entrance and provide sinks with disinfectants. Make sure those coming into the office wash their hands before accessing the office.


Clothes for cleaning different office places should have color codes or labels to distinguish them. Different agents are handy for disinfecting various office items, and coding clothes help to avoid cross-contamination.


Different disinfectants will react differently with people due to the chemical composition in the disinfectants. Disinfection service experts can advise on the different chemical content they use to avoid reactions like allergies to staff. Some disinfectants may also contain corrosive chemicals that might destroy your services.