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January 7, 2022

How To Make Sure Disinfection Service Is Done Right?

How To Make Sure Disinfection Service Is Done Right? Professional disinfection service is required for homes that house a large number of people, such as offices and schools. The service is also necessary if your home is close to anyone with contagious diseases. Ways on how you can tell if Disinfection Service has already been performed properly: Table of Contents 1. Indoor air quality check2. Check the disinfectant labels3. Ask for a safety report4. Odor check5. Check for residueHow To Choose The Right Disinfectant?A complete disinfecting service has multiple steps which include:Completely clean the roomCleaning of hard surfacesDisinfection service is […]
January 3, 2022

Can Normal Carpet Cleaning Service Kill Germs And Bacterias?

Can Normal Carpet Cleaning Service Kill Germs And Bacterias? Normal carpet cleaning service will not kill germs and bacterias in Singapore. You should never let a normal cleaning company clean your carpets as their services are not up to par with the level of cleanliness that they need to be. For a carpet cleaner to destroy germs and bacterias, the temperature needs to reach at least 70 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, most germs and bacterias would have been destroyed through the use of steam cleaners. However, this is only achievable if you use commercial grade machines or power washers […]
November 29, 2021

Benefits Of Disinfecting Your Office Carpets

What are the benefits of disinfecting your office carpets? Long-term expenses in carpets are considerable. Although vacuuming removes dust and grime from carpet covers, it is insufficient to eradicate deeper-lying pollutants, dust mites, and difficult carpet stains created by pedestrian traffic and accidents. Your house must be your refuge, a place where you can get away from the stresses of your job and the outside environment. Your home, on the other hand, can swiftly devolve into shambles. Even if you put forth a lot of effort to maintain your house tidy. It is a simple reality of life that filth, […]
November 18, 2021

Does Washing Machine Eliminate Germs & Bacteria On My Clothes?

Does Washing Machine Eliminate Germs & Bacteria On My Clothes? That is a question that is sometimes asked by many. The answer to the question is no, it does not eliminate them. However, washing machines can help in eliminating germs and bacteria on our clothes if we use the correct detergent provided for specific load size and wash type. As much as it’s important to know how much soap should be used to cleanse the clothes properly, individuals should also understand which types of material their clothes are made from to choose the best detergent. Table of Contents Does Washing […]
October 13, 2021

Daily Cleaning & Disinfecting Routines You Can Use

Daily Cleaning & Disinfecting Routines You Can Use – Your home is your place of relaxation and enjoyment, as well as the place that you raise children. It’s also a place where everything can easily get dirty and unhygienic. To help clean up your personal space and make it a cleaner, healthier environment to live in, try out these ten daily cleaning & disinfecting routines: Table of Contents 1. Clean kitchen drainage areas with bleach wipes2. Clean the bathroom sink with wipes made for toilets3. Create an instant shower cleaner bowl4. Dishwasher – Clean surfaces with disinfecting wipes5. Spray down […]
September 23, 2021

Will I get immuned to Hand Sanitizers?

Will I get immuned to Hand Sanitizers? With bacteria and viruses all around us, we must keep ourselves protected. We do this with the help of alcohol, disinfectant sprays and wipes, and hand sanitizers. My personal favorite of most is hand sanitizers because they are portable, mild, and scented. However, what is the science behind hand sanitizers? Can this completely replace washing your hands with soap? Is it more effective than alcohol? Will you get immune to it? Well, we are here to answer your questions. This article will discuss everything there is that you need to know about hand […]
September 20, 2021

How to Disinfect Private Hire Cars Effectively?

How to Disinfect Private Hire Cars Effectively? How to disinfect private hire cars may be a question that has come across your mind when you have booked one. While the car is often used only once, leaving it unclean may give rise to many problems not just in terms of hygiene but also in terms of attracting unwelcome attention from bacteria and germs! Here are some ways on how to disinfect private hire cars effectively when hiring one in Singapore: Table of Contents 1) Clean the seats2) Cleaning of the headliner board3) Dress up dashboards4) Cleaning of Car mats5) Eliminating […]
September 16, 2021

How To Disinfect Soft Toys?

How To Disinfect Soft Toys? There is nothing more comforting than coming home and hugging your favorite soft toy. But, after some time passes, you come to realize that your pet’s love is also accompanied by the many germs and bacteria that they bring home with them from their daily adventures. You can protect yourself from illness by disinfecting those beloved toys periodically. Here are tips on How To Disinfect Soft Toys: Table of Contents Tip #1: Use Vinegar and Alcohol Mixed SolutionTip #2: Bleach Soft ToysTip #3: Use Tumble Dry Setting in the Clothes DryerTip #4: Use Dish Soap […]
August 14, 2021

Can I use Disinfectant Sprays for Effective Cleaning during the Pandemic?

Can I use Disinfectant Sprays for Effective Cleaning during the Covid-19 Pandemic? During this Covid-19 pandemic period, we all look for means to keep our environment clean and sanitized. The ability to meet many people and get products from the stores puts us at risk every day. Now that many states and countries have eased restrictions, people have started moving a lot. Trips to the store and other recreation centers open now may put you at risk of the Coronavirus. Once I perform the regular morning general cleanliness, I often spray the surfaces with a disinfectant. I then use a clean cloth […]
August 11, 2021

Can Bleach Kill COVID-19 Virus?

Can Bleach Kill COVID-19 Virus? Cleaning with soap or detergent-based household cleanser minimizes the number of germs on objects and lowers the risk of disease from those surfaces. In most cases, cleaning alone is sufficient to eliminate the majority of virus particles from surfaces. Until someone in the home is sick or when someone who is infected for COVID19 virus was in the home over the last 24 hours, sanitation to decrease COVID-19 spread at home is unlikely. So, can bleach kill the covid-19 virus? Table of Contents Is bleach effective at killing coronavirus on surfaces?When and how should you clean your […]
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