Disinfection Articles & Tips

June 22, 2021

Why Hire Us For Your Hotel Disinfection Service?

Why Hire Us For Your Hotel Disinfection Service? The main reason that customers leave a hotel or restaurant is because of a filthy room. No guest will want to dine or remain in a dirty environment. Surprisingly, hotel rooms become unclean daily. Despite the reality that the person must be able to clean the guestrooms regularly, this will not remove all the marks. It is critical to hire a professional disinfection company in this situation. This is because a professional room cleaning management provider can provide comprehensive services that keep the guestrooms tidy and improve the quality of air in […]
May 27, 2021

How Often Should I Disinfect My Office?

How Often Should I Disinfect My Office? On average, you spend about 8 hours in your office every working day interacting with clients, staff, and visitors. During this time, you may directly or indirectly contact them while performing your official duties. Therefore, millions of bacteria and viruses move through you when handing out paperwork or simply receiving items to work with. You also create endless paths that infectious micro-organisms use to spread diseases among you. It becomes increasingly worrying during the Covid-19 pandemic, where direct contact can be the avenue for diseases to spread among staff. So, in a bid […]
May 8, 2021

How To Kill Bacteria In Your Home?

How To Kill Bacteria In Your Home? Bacteria are everywhere around us. Even though they are not visible, they exist and can harm people if left to breed and spread. The best way to tackle bacteria is to use disinfectants and sanitizers. By treating surfaces with these products on regular basis you ensure that harmful pathogens disappear. Here is a guideline to help you kill bacteria in your home in the most efficient and safe way. How does disinfectant work? If there is something bacteria are afraid of, it’s definitely disinfectant. This powerful chemical destroys the virus’s protective cell, causing […]
April 23, 2021

What Is The Best Way To Sanitize Kitchen Countertops?

What Is The Best Way To Sanitize Kitchen Countertops? As a kid, we all thought that wiping the countertop with a damp cloth was all it took to “clean”. As adults, we probably know there’s a little more to it than just that. We now know that the kitchen is the home of millions of bacteria, whether or not the food has gone bad. Where there is food, you will definitely find microscopic marauders that will feast on even the smallest spills of ketchup. Before you can thoroughly sanitize your kitchen, you need to understand the concept differs from cleaning. The […]
March 25, 2021

Are Disinfection Robots Effective?

Are Disinfection Robots Effective? The recent pandemic situation is frightening and, in the countries, where Coronavirus has spread, they must take better safety measures. To prevent COVID 19, it’s necessary to keep public places, hospitals clean and disinfected. However, the manual process of cleaning is not proper, as other people can get infected. So, the best thing here is to use disinfection robots. These are safe and can work in public places without infecting anyone in the process. These robots are data-driven and identify the most relevant ways globally. There are also technology-driven solutions that ensure the health of a […]
February 25, 2021

Factors Affecting the Office Disinfection Service Cost

Factors Affecting the Office Disinfection Service Cost – Everyone is pretty cautious to come back to the office due to the novel coronavirus. The important thing is everyone stays safe while we flatten the curve of the virus. It would be important to hire a company that provides office disinfection service. The cost would depend on a lot of things as it could be as expensive as $.35 per square foot and as low as $.12 per square foot. The minimum for this $280. Obviously, the bigger your office is, the more you will need to pay for the office […]
January 6, 2021

Is UV Light a ‘Proven’ Virus Disinfectant?

Is UV Light a ‘Proven’ Virus Disinfectant? Ultraviolet radiation is the part of the electromagnetic band spreading to the X-ray area directly from the short-wavelength or violet, finish of the noticeable light set. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is untraceable to the human eye. Still, it may allow them to reflect light as it falls on some other objects, i.e., it releases lower-energy electromagnetic radiation, such as observable light. Ultraviolet light is emitted as a continuous range of wavelengths by the Sun. Some of the ultraviolet radiation in sunlight is captured into Earth’s atmosphere by oxygen, which creates the lower stratosphere’s ozone layer. […]
December 16, 2020

Can UV Light Kill Covid Virus?

Can UV Light Kill Covid Virus? The fight against the COVID-19 pandemic is still currently on-going and it’s obvious that it will not end soon. As of now, more than ten million individuals have already contracted the deadly virus with vaccines yet to be available. The lack of vaccines caused people to find alternatives to help them deal with the virus and protect themselves. One of these preventive measures involves the use of ultraviolet light to sanitize or disinfect objects, surfaces, and even people. In this article, we will explore the nature of UV light and its effectiveness in dealing […]
November 6, 2020

Why Hire Us As Your Protective Disinfectant Coating Company?

Why Hire Us As Your Protective Disinfectant Coating Company? It is well known how important is disinfection for buildings. While regular cleaning improves the visual appearance, disinfection kills invisible enemies that are much more dangerous. Viruses and bacteria represent a bigger threat to health than dust. While dust is something that is not alive, viruses and bacteria are living microorganisms. They can get into the cells of the human body, damaging them and making them function worse. For this reason, fighting viruses requires powerful chemicals that are able to cause their death. While the best way to tackle deadly viruses is to use harsh […]
November 4, 2020

Disinfection Service For F&B Outlets

Looking for a disinfection service for your F&B outlets? If you are a food and beverage outlet owner, you probably know how important is disinfection for your food business. The ultimate goal of restaurants and bars is to serve high-quality and safe products to customers. This is why ensuring that your outlet is not a source of contaminating agents is crucial. If you are intending to look for an efficient and reliable disinfection company, this service is definitely your best match. The company has great expertise in disinfecting F&B outlets, providing the best techniques, skilled staff, and advanced equipment. We […]