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August 7, 2021

How Often Should I Disinfect And Clean My Clinic?

How Often Should I Disinfect And Clean My Clinic? Of late, due to coronavirus outbreaks, it has become very important to clean and disinfect the surfaces on your property. While cleaning helps in removing dirt and dust, disinfecting helps in killing viruses and bacteria. Both are equally important when it comes to residential as well as business properties. But when it is about medical centers like clinics, it is more important. The main question that people ask is – how often we should disinfect and clean the clinic? Like most of the countries around the world, Singapore has been affected by […]
August 6, 2021

How Long Can COVID-19 Virus Stay On Hard Surfaces?

How Long Can COVID-19 Virus Stay On Hard Surfaces? Close communication, air transfer, and droplet transmission are possible ways for the COVID 19 virus to propagate. Several cases show that the covid 19 viruses may have been transmitted through surfaces. However, the chances of this happening are slightly slim. COVID-19 contact transmission has a little chance of occurring. Whenever an individual sneeze, talks, sings, or breathes, the virus spreads in microscopic liquid droplets from their mouth. Larger respiratory particles to tiny aerosols are the particles. According to current information, the virus transmits to individuals who are in proximity to one […]
July 5, 2021

Importance Of A Disinfection Service

Importance Of A Disinfection Service – Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, there have been a lot of changes in the world. Nowadays, sanitization and disinfection have become a core part of everyone’s life. Though disinfection was important throughout, it has become more of a mandatory drill nowadays. Be it is your residential property or your commercial property, disinfecting the entire space is important. For that, you will have to hire a professional disinfection service to disinfect your property. Why hire a service? Read on to know the importance of disinfection and why hiring a professional is a better idea. Why […]
June 29, 2021

Tips On Keeping Office Safe From Viruses & Bacteria

Tips On Keeping Office Safe From Viruses & Bacteria – In recent days, coronavirus has changed our lifestyle and way of living. Covid-19 has created a strong impact on the way we work in our office. The recent guideline will not allow gatherings in the office. So, you can see the few and limited numbers of employees in the office. Many organizations and companies shifted their work structure to work from home. But now the situation is slightly better and the office opens with limited employees. It is necessary to check their safety and provide them with a healthy environment. […]
June 25, 2021

Why Hire Us For Your Preschool Disinfection Service?

Why Hire Us For Your Preschool Disinfection Service? Disinfection is crucial to keeping an environment clean and free of germs. It is especially important for daycare and childcare facilities, as kids are more vulnerable to pathogens. We know that preschool employees can disinfect surfaces themselves. However, leaving this task to professionals is much safer and ensures that all germs disappear. When searching for a preschool disinfection service, you need to make sure the company you choose is reliable. You have to do in-depth research to come up with a service provider that offers the safest and highest-quality disinfection. Our company […]
June 22, 2021

Why Hire Us For Your Hotel Disinfection Service?

Why Hire Us For Your Hotel Disinfection Service? The main reason that customers leave a hotel or restaurant is because of a filthy room. No guest will want to dine or remain in a dirty environment. Surprisingly, hotel rooms become unclean daily. Despite the reality that the person must be able to clean the guestrooms regularly, this will not remove all the marks. It is critical to hire a professional disinfection company in this situation. This is because a professional room cleaning management provider can provide comprehensive services that keep the guestrooms tidy and improve the quality of air in […]
May 27, 2021

How Often Should I Disinfect My Office?

How Often Should I Disinfect My Office? On average, you spend about 8 hours in your office every working day interacting with clients, staff, and visitors. During this time, you may directly or indirectly contact them while performing your official duties. Therefore, millions of bacteria and viruses move through you when handing out paperwork or simply receiving items to work with. You also create endless paths that infectious micro-organisms use to spread diseases among you. It becomes increasingly worrying during the Covid-19 pandemic, where direct contact can be the avenue for diseases to spread among staff. So, in a bid […]
May 8, 2021

How To Kill Bacteria In Your Home?

How To Kill Bacteria In Your Home? Bacteria are everywhere around us. Even though they are not visible, they exist and can harm people if left to breed and spread. The best way to tackle bacteria is to use disinfectants and sanitizers. By treating surfaces with these products on regular basis you ensure that harmful pathogens disappear. Here is a guideline to help you kill bacteria in your home in the most efficient and safe way. Table of Contents How does disinfectant work?The best disinfectants at home1. Alcohol2. Bleach3. Hydrogen peroxide4. Vinegar5. Hot waterHow To Kill Bacteria In Your Home? […]
April 23, 2021

What Is The Best Way To Sanitize Kitchen Countertops?

What Is The Best Way To Sanitize Kitchen Countertops? As a kid, we all thought that wiping the countertop with a damp cloth was all it took to “clean”. As adults, we probably know there’s a little more to it than just that. We now know that the kitchen is the home of millions of bacteria, whether or not the food has gone bad. Where there is food, you will definitely find microscopic marauders that will feast on even the smallest spills of ketchup. Before you can thoroughly sanitize your kitchen, you need to understand the concept differs from cleaning. The […]
March 25, 2021

Are Disinfection Robots Effective?

Are Disinfection Robots Effective? The recent pandemic situation is frightening and, in the countries, where Coronavirus has spread, they must take better safety measures. To prevent COVID 19, it’s necessary to keep public places, hospitals clean and disinfected. However, the manual process of cleaning is not proper, as other people can get infected. So, the best thing here is to use disinfection robots. These are safe and can work in public places without infecting anyone in the process. These robots are data-driven and identify the most relevant ways globally. There are also technology-driven solutions that ensure the health of a […]
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